Top 10 Things I Miss About OC

8 Jul

Just because I decided to leave doesn’t mean I don’t miss it. And no major transition in my life is complete without a top 10 list.

1. Wide streets and big parking lots. I can’t parallel park (it once took me 16 attempts to get into a space) and I appreciate having many lanes so I don’t completely block traffic when I am inevitably lost.

2. Living no more than 30 minutes from my parents and most family members.

3. Unpretentious restaurants that just focus on serving good food and can do it inexpensively. Los Feliz has good food. It’s the unpretentious and cheap part that is hard to find.

4. Knowing where everything is. If I had to, I could draw a rough map of Orange County and it would be sufficiently accurate. Los Angeles County, on the other hand, is a big sprawling mystery to me. I have a map saved on my computer that I have been staring at for two years and I still don’t know where anything is.

5. Not having to pay attention to local politics. Because when Dana Rohrabacher is your Congress person, you can pretty much be sure that he will not listen to anything I have to say.

6. One-upping everyone when comparing commute times. My one claim to fame. Take that, Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley!

7. Not worrying about running into anyone I know. I can show up at Trader Joe’s in OC with uncombed hair, mud-caked flip flops, a ratty sun dress, no bra, and a hot pink hoodie without worrying that I will run into my boss. Not true in Los Feliz since several of my co-workers live nearby.

8. Weekly hang out time at my partner’s family’s house – home cooked dinners and dessert, lounging by the pool, random movies, and seeing the kids grow up so quickly.

9. No longer having a ready excuse for not going out. I like being invited to things, but my introverted self is not always so good at showing up. Note to self: must come up with a new excuse.

10. Biking to the beach. Jogging on the beach. Going to the beach when I have a couple of hours to kill. The beach is the scarecrow to my Dorothy. Beach, I will miss you most of all.


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