35 Days of Food Journaling

22 Jan

When my partner heard this was my new activity, he scoffed. Yes, it’s true that writing down what I eat for 35 days isn’t as personally fulfilling as yoga, nor as potentially transformative as challenging myself to try something new. That’s exactly why I picked it. Between the holidays, playing auntie, being in a friend’s wedding, training for a half marathon, and being swamped at work throwing together a week-long national training – I didn’t have the bandwidth for anything but spending a few minutes a day reflecting on what I ate.

It was harder than I expected. Who knew that you could eat half a bag of snap peas and not remember it 3 hours later? Who knew that you could eat so many homemade waffles that you lose count?

It was meant to help me be more mindful of what I eat. More real food, less processed junk. More feeling satisfied, less feeling stuffed. More feeling comfortable with my eating habits, less feeling like I want to eat everything in sight. As you can see, it didn’t really work:

Friday, December 21st – Day 6

8:25 AM
Free food at my weekly committee meeting. I’m such a sucker for free food. Lots of nonprofit meetings means lots of free food. Strawberry original Yoplait yogurt and a banana.

12:30 PM
Leftovers from the staff annual holiday potluck. More free food la la la la. 2 slices of ham with some baguette (yum, I love bread), 2/3 of a cheese tamale, 1 steamed chicken bun, half a dozen cubes of yam, 1 bunch of grapes.

3:30 PM
Someone brought donuts. My co-workers are generously cruel. Quarter of a sugar donut. I didn’t really want it, but I ate it anyway. Because it was there. And it was free. And it looked like a treat. I think I have a problem.

5:00 PM
Yes, this is my third time eating in less than 5 hours. 1/3 of Jason’s samich – whole wheat bread, Miracle Whip, 1 slice gouda, 2 slices ham, baby spinach. I wasn’t really hungry. It just looked good and I wanted to eat something with him. Not worth it.

12:30 AM
We plan to do a fast food burger taste test for dinner because we live about a mile away from an In ‘n’ Out, Five Guys, and a Sonic. We end up falling asleep because what else do old people do on a Friday night, but we drag ourselves out of bed just before midnight just in case the world does in fact end. I get my usual cheeseburger animal style and my own order of fries with ketchup.

I complain to J that it’s too much food and he says, “Well, then why don’t you give me some, Greedy.” Of course, I don’t. Greedy indeed.


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