Loving Orange County #2: Where I Work

9 Apr

While not technically in Orange County, I love where I work. On my train in, when I pass by the building, I look up from my book/iphone/knitting and just marvel over how beautiful it is. The building is bright, new, and clean. A lot of natural light, big windows, high ceilings. There’s a courtyard with ample seating, usually sunny and lively. We also have a café with a variety of food options (vegans and gluten-free welcome) at subsidized prices. It’s convenient to public transit, has a ton of free parking, and is open to the public (kind of).

I have my own office and it’s a good sized space. I have a fast computer, a large work area, several cabinets. I don’t have an outer window, but I do get a sliver of a view through my hallway window. I’m surrounded by posters and artwork that inspire me. I have one of those Oakland A’s posters you see on BART that proclaims “It’s more exciting to build wins than to buy them”. I have a NAPAWF poster reminding me that my work is about power, justice, and community. I have a series from Dignidad Rebelde. And a bulletin board of vibrant postcards from great organizations like Alto Arizona, Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Rini Art, and the Southern California Library. (links)

But the best thing about where I work is that it is a hub for other organizations and activists. The building houses other nonprofits, so there are many opportunities to build relationships with each other and sometimes work together. There is free meeting space for nonprofits, so people gather here all the time. I run into people I know and meet new people, a diverse and active crowd.

I had been to the building several times before working here, so it’s familiar to me. Because it’s well-known in my circles, it is an easy reference point for those who don’t know me. Working here has made a huge difference in counteracting my feelings of isolation. When I feel lost, I literally have a whole building to ground me.


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