Attack of the Chain Restaurants

31 Aug

I previously posted a list of all the wonderful things I ate during my last month in the Bay Area. I thought it would be only fitting to post all the not-so-wonderful things I’ve eaten during my first month in OC.

It was a quick downward spiral from “locally owned restaurants specializing in local and organic foods, drawing from a diverse cultural palate” to “chain restaurants with really unhealthy processed food.”

I try to pay attention to what I eat, how it’s grown and prepared, where the food comes from, the treatment of the workers, and the overall vibe. Lately, I’ve been too tired from unpacking and commuting to care. But now that I’m a month in, these excuses are starting to wear thin. My conscience is also starting to wear thin. So perhaps if I publicly share my treasonous eating habits, then it will motivate me to regulate.

The good:

Breakfast bowl of organic brown rice, black beans, scrambled eggs, and avocado at Mother’s Kitchen
Green tea donut at Café Dulce in Little Tokyo
Roasted corn, queso fresco, roasted peppers, jicama, and avocado salad at Homegirl Café, which trains and hires formerly gang-involved young women and men
Al pastor super size burrito at El Campeon, a hole in the wall with a carniceria
Roast chicken, baby spinach, and Hawaiian rolls from Albertson’s – a decent meal when one doesn’t have time to cook
Mini lemon bundt cake from Nothing Bundt the Cake

The bad:

Two chili dogs at Wienerschnitzel (we got 7 chili dogs for $7!)
Mango delight smoothie from Juice It Up – not bad but I typically consider smoothies to be a waste of fruit and calories
An entire bag of Chex Mix at the Orange County Airport when my flight got delayed
Widow Maker Burger with bacon, onion rings, avocado, and cheddar at Claim Jumper (1149 calories and 2571mg of sodium! Thank god I didn’t eat the entire thing.)
Sausage pizza delivered from Round Table Pizza
Mac and cheese at IKEA (I swear we were there to buy furniture)
Sausage croissant and hashbrown sticks at Jack in the Box
Many bites of chicken carbonara pasta and a chocolate baby bundt cake at Corner Bakery

The ugly:
(courtesy of the Orange County Fair)

Deep fried Kool-Aid
Deep fried Reese’s Peanut Butter Bar
Turkey leg
Australian potatoes (battered and fried potatoes covered in nacho cheese and ranch dressing)


2 Responses to “Attack of the Chain Restaurants”

  1. Terry August 31, 2011 at 10:49 am #

    How, pray tell, does one deep-fry kool-aid?!

    • cil1977 August 31, 2011 at 2:28 pm #

      good question! i learned that you mix the kool-aid with a batter, throw it in a deep fryer, and voila! they were actually large balls of kool-aid flavored fried dough. but they did taste like kool-aid. weird.

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