Living to Eat

31 Jul

While it’s not advised to eat with abandon right before moving to bikini country, I couldn’t help myself. The most important thing to me about the Bay Area is the people. The second most important thing is the way the city is laid out to encourage interaction and public space. The third is the food. And the best thing is that all 3 of these things intertwine.

Oh my, I love food. I’m within walking distance of the cheap goodness in Chinatown, the convenience of downtown, the fancy places in Old Oakland, and the eclectic mix by the lake. This was intentional. And I get to fool myself into thinking it’s sorta healthy because I walk the ten minutes home after gorging myself.

So here’s a hint of what I’ve eaten my last month in Oakland:

Chevre and goat cheddar mac n cheese from Homeroom
Ceviche and sangria at Tamarindo Antojeria
Tortilla chips with mole salsa and queso fresco at Dona Tomas
Tater tots at Rico’s Diner
Jamon serrano and manchego bocadillo at Cafe Madrid
Mac n cheese from Souley Vegan
Goat cheese fondue with grilled bread and apple slices at Luna Park
Sesame hand-pulled noodles from Shan Dong
Pre-karaoke funky roll and a Sapporo from Ichiro
Seared swordfish sandwich at the Ferry Building on a beautiful day
Al pastor taco from Xolo Taqueria after drinking for 3 hours
Grilled cheese and fries at midnight from Rudy’s Can’t Fail Cafe
Potato puffs and blueberry bread pudding from Gregoire’s
Ube ice cream from Mitchell’s
Half-price sushi after 1:10pm at Yama’s
Cheddar chive biscuit from Market Hall Bakery
Pho ga from Turtle Tower
Omelet and grits from Mama’s Royal
Barbecue pork and roast duck from Yung Kee
Red velvet layer cake from Delessio
Portuguese egg tarts from Victor’s Bakery
Salumi misti from Perbacco
Cafe au lait from Blue Bottle
Salted caramel donut from Pepples at the Ferry Building
Sweet potato fries on the back patio of Lake Chalet
Tomato, arugula, and lemon herb oil pizza from Arizmendi

And the best thing about all of this food is that it was shared with someone that I care about and who cares about me.

It’s not that the sweet potato fries at Lake Chalet are that great. It’s that I’ll remember this beautiful July summer day on their back patio, where my dear friend sat her adorable 4-year old on her lap and told the best story about how he was a pokemon who saved us when the yucky goose poop lake monster tried to eat us.

Every food contains a memory of a good friend. Of someone whose friendship has sustained and strengthened me over the past 15 years. Through the fun and silly times as well as at my lowest. Maybe it’s because I have an Asian grandmother, but there’s something inextricably linked for me between food and love. And who needs to fit into a bikini when you have good friends and yummy food?


2 Responses to “Living to Eat”

  1. amsin August 9, 2011 at 1:44 pm #

    cil, you know how to eat. and how to eat well. to you i do make this toast.


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