Getting by with a little help from my friends

2 Jul

For the past month, I’ve been going on and on about dealing with transitions, finding balance and wholeness, my feelings, blah blah blah. All important things, but there are some tangible matters to attend to when moving 400 miles. Like finding a job, getting a car, and moving into an apartment.

Some people regularly change jobs/cars/apartments, but you’re talking to a girl who has had the same hairstyle for over a decade. I’ve been working in the same building for 9 years, have never owned a car, and have lived in the same two square miles of Oakland for 11 years. It’s a little daunting to be the stable age of 30-something and trying to find a job in a new place, buying a car for the first time, and packing up all my stuff and moving it down south.

I’ve been away on vacation for the past week and have been giving myself permission to not think so much about these pressing matters. But it’s amazing how quickly things come together when you have great people in your life. I’m excited to announce that, despite being on vacation, I just got a job and a car!

I’d like to credit my answer to the lizard brain interview question as getting me the job, but it was really the wonderful person who I know at the organization who let me know about the position and recommended me. It was the inspiring mentors and colleagues who served as my references. It was the patient staff at this new organization who managed through the technical difficulties of a Skype interview and me never being in the same time zone. It was my partner, sisters, and friends who coached me through the job search process and thinking deeply about whether this job was right for me.

The car is a lovely gift from my aunt and uncle. They have an older Honda Accord they no longer need and generously decided to give it to me. They said it was to repay me for letting their son, my cousin, live with me for a year, even though I don’t expect payment for housing family, especially someone as easygoing as my cousin. But that’s the beautiful thing about family: if you have something to spare, you give it to a family member who needs it.

I sometimes think that I can get through life on my own, that it would be easier and safer. I spend a lot of time by myself and, as an introvert, I find it difficult to engage with other people for long periods of time. But, clearly, it’s all about being part of a resilient and giving community. And the fact that much of this community is in Southern California is very reassuring to my anxiety-prone self.

So…anyone have leads on an inexpensive 2-bedroom apartment in Orange County?


2 Responses to “Getting by with a little help from my friends”

  1. Jenny Lam July 2, 2011 at 6:49 pm #

    Congratulations, Priscilla! So happy for you as you start your new journey in the OC!


    • cil1977 July 3, 2011 at 7:57 pm #

      Thanks, Jenny! Looking forward to still working with you via NAPAWF!

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